7 Health Tips for a Healthy Life

7 Health Tips for a Healthy Life

  • 2022-07-25
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1. Eat Healthy Stay Well

-Your wellbeing and exceptional of Health depends totally on the fine and amount of meals you consume

-Eat 1/4 element less than your actual appetite, to ensure proper digestion

-Avoid consuming water with meals. Make habit of getting a pitcher of water 1 hour before and after food

-Take your food at right timings. Avoid skipping meals

-Eat best while hungry, not in any other case. It avoids issues like hyperacidity, gastritis, bloating etc.

2. Stay Physically Active

-Exercise day by day to improve your stamina and immunity

-Do not bask in heavy bodily paintings or exercising simply after meals

-Do no longer exercise without warming up

-Include health club, yoga, swimming, aerobics or dance or any bodily interest for your daily habitual

3. Take Care of your Eyes

-Wash your eyes with Trifala water every morning

-Watch television from atleast 6 ft distance

-Avoid watching Television or running on computers for extremely long hours

-Use any herbal eye drops daily

-Wear glasses if getting into solar or dirt

-Sleep offers you an possibility to carry out restore work within the frame. Do now not compromise on sleep for a wholesome and completely satisfied lifestyles

-An excellent night's sleep (6-8 hours) is the corridor mark of a strength packed fresh day

-Wash your face and feet with lukewarm water, on every day you come back home from outdoor

-Make a addiction of having dinner atleast 2-3 hours before you sleep.

5. Learn to Relax

-Take a long deep breath, closing your eyes - visualise inside and observe the air coming in and out. Repeat it 10 times and freshen your mind

-Try to avoid unnecessary stress

-Practice meditation every day for atleast 15 minutes

-Take short relaxing naps oftentimes in the course of the day. Just close your eyes and try and assume nothing for some time

6. Always Use Herbal Products and Medicines

-Always use herbal products for your every day desires

-If the situation isn't excessive always use Ayurvedic Medicines 

-Rather than the use of synthetic room fresheners, use natural room fresheners

-Use organic products in your kitchen and avoid synthetic chemicals

7. Keep Proper Record of Your and Your Family's Illnesses

-Always seek expert scientific advice in your fitness problems. Avoid self diagnosis and medicine

-Make a proper document for all of your doctor's prescriptions, blood reports, investigations and discharge summaries

-Always deliver this report every time you visit your medical doctor 

-If you are counseled antibiotics, talk well along with your medical doctor approximately the period of the medicine route

-Always take complete direction of drug treatments and by no means prevent the remedy in between as it may get worse the situation

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